Best Management Talent

The Royal Mail's Retiring Chief Executive

The Royal Mail’s Annual Report was published on 3 June, containing details of its executive pay for the previous year. According to the figures, Adam Crozier, the retiring chief executive, received more than £2.4m in the year 2009-10…

From the London Review of Books

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  1. Best Manager Talent? Wot a load of horse s**t! My 35odd years experience of working for RM, on delivery and, Station Working. Loved both jobs, I really did. Then, they took the mail off the railways (to all intents & purposes), we were moved into the sorting bay (attached to the MLO) and, very soon the rot set in. The best managers that we new and trusted &, who new the job inside out) were sidelined. In were brought the most awful management lackies they could find. In the end, I gave up and, was retired on Medical grounds. The cause of my Retirement? One little BA****D of a “line Manager”. So, I know what it’s like even tho’ I was able to get out before “Privatistion”. I saw the way thing were going although, I wouldn’t wish on anybody what hell it’s been for me,(constant hospital appointments, admissions, et al). I thank God for the NHS plus, my local GPs. Nough said I think but, I now have sympathy for our Postmen/Women as they’ll never know what life USED to be like, not THAT long ago. CHEERS.

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