Not the Deal of the Century

Reading some of the news reports about the national agreement signed between the CWU and the Royal Mail last week, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we’d secured the deal of the century.

From the LRB.

Read more here.

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  1. I read Dear Granny Smith at one sitting. Saw it on a table in Waterstones and had to buy it, so there is good packaging for you! I hadn’t heard about it before but boy what an important book! I have decided from now on when I get a letter with TNT, ONEMail, UKMail etc to take the time to send the envelope back to the sender with the request that in future they send their letters to me through Royal Mail with a stamp on. I doubt for one minute they will change their systems, they are all big businesses including the Lib Dems electioneering bumph, but I make a point and I buy stamps to send the letters so I may be helping in a small way. If everyone boycotted these firms would it help Royal Mail? The idea of quietly running it down on the sly brings tears to my eyes. I had no idea the system had changed so much, I didn’t understand what all these frankings were, and that it was not Royal Mail any more, only that the usual postman delivered them. I just thought the stamps have gone how boring all these logos are, no romance to an envelope any more. Your book is a life changer and thankyou so much for writing it. I am late on the scene but I will now spread the word and send copies of the book to people. Has Gordon Brown read it? Send him a copy!!!The whole of parliament should read this. Sorry if I am on the wrong bit of the blog, I don’t understand where to post this, only that I feel strongly I wanted to comment.

  2. Hello Charlie, glad you liked the book, and that it has had such a profound effect upon you. That’s exactly what I intended it to do. I can’t say whether Gordon Brown has read it or not, but if he had I doubt that it would make any difference, Gordon and his cronies being responsible for the policy which is what is dragging the Royal Mail to the ground. We” it’s Peter Mandelson specifically, but he is very close to Gordon. I have a facebook page which you might like to promote. You can find that here:!/group.php?gid=235696344118 and there is another page on the subject here:

    You are not “late on the scene”. I only figured out what was going on last year and I’m a postal worker. We are being fed a lot of disinformation in order to continue the privatisation of the Royal Mail by underhand means. If you could pass theis on to people perhaps we could start to alert the public before it is too late. I’d also be interested if you followed the election campaign in your area and made a point of asking the candidates what they are going to do about it? That would be an interesting exercise.

  3. Charlie :Very pleased to hear from you in reply. Can I tell another Post Office story please? I went to the Post Office to post a parcel to my sick mother. I said can I have some pretty stamps on it to cheer her up, she is having such a rough time, the white sticker is so boring. Well, said the assistant, we don’t usually put stamps on unless it is going out of Britain. Please, I said, the look of the parcel is the first thing she will see and if that brings a bit of pleasure to her it will lift her spirits. Can’t you make up the cost in stamps just this once. She obliged and the parcel then became a work of art. When I heard from my parents that the parcel had arrived, both of them remarked on how lovely the box looked. Why can’t we all have that joy? The romance of the envelope as I put it before. It lifts all our spirits! We produce wonderful stamps in this country, we should all get to enjoy them.I am now in the habit of returning the private mail sorts and I have written to my MP.

  4. Charlie, a great story and I agree with you about the romance of the letter. Let me know what your MP says. I suspect it won’t be much though. You can contact me via the email address on the “About” page of this blog

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